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About Born Footwear

Born Shoes

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Take Comfort in Børn. Every season, we make high-quality shoes that feel as good as they look. With artistic touches, unparalleled craftsmanship, and exquisite materials, we design shoes to satisfy the demands of every lifestyle. Every day of your life, you can count on finding comfort in our shoes.

Born Shoes Review- Shoes for Father's Day

Born Shoes Review: Shoes for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching. And unfortunately, we all know how difficult dads are to shop for. Most of the time he’s already bought...
Born Shoes Reviews- Summer Booties

Born Shoes Reviews: Summer Booties

We are loving summer booties. They’re transitional, fun, and go with your favorite summer dress. Today we’re trying on some of our favorites. The BLANE is a peep-toe...
Why are Born Shoes so Comfortable to Wear?

Why are Born Shoes so Comfortable to Wear?

Born® is a manufacturer of leading footwear offers the ultimate comfort for men, women and children. This line was created to satisfy the requirements...
How to Evaluate the Quality of a Shoe

How to Evaluate the Quality of a Shoe

It can be said that buying a pair of cheap shoes is the worst thing for a man. Because most low-cost shoes are made from...
Choose-Right-Shoes-How to Choose Beautiful Shoes and Fit the Shape of the Foot

How to Choose Beautiful Shoes and Fit the Shape of the Foot

Each pair of shoes offers different feel and fit different foot styles. But to understand that, not all girls know. The feeling of pain and discomfort...
Born-Shoes-City Style Boots - Your New City

City Style Boots – Your New City

Meet CASCO, your new city style boots. CASCO brings you city style without the crowded street corners and long coffee lines. As always, this...
bornxdillards-banner-image-Born Shoes Reviews - A Comfortable Looking and Feeling

Born Shoes Reviews – A Comfortable Looking and Feeling

Who needs shoes? I think these days shoes have become our part of life. You could not live without them. So, what kind of shoes...
cross-large-banner-image - Cross Boots- Never an old Fashion! - Born Shoes - BuyingHints.Com

Cross Boots: Never an old Fashion!

You loyal Born fans have spoken. You loved our CROSS boots so much last season, we were convinced to bring it back for a...
pinch-homepage-banner-Boots for Fall- The Perfect True Fall- Born Shoes - BuyingHints.Com

Boots for Fall: The Perfect True Fall

Perfect Boots for Fall: Krystal, of A Pinch of Lovely, is a proud Louisiana native. New Englanders, please make sure you’re sitting down for...
Spring Travel Packing Guide - Born Shoesvideo

Spring Break – Travel Packing Guide

Discover this Spring Break: It’s hard to dress for spring. But it’s even harder to pack for springtime vacations. No matter the destination, spring weather...

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