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About Asia Trips

All you need to know about Asia Trips with our exclusive traveling reviews, where to stay, places to go, nice restaurants with the best food and more.

The Nam Hai Review-One Night at the World's Best Spa Hotel

The Nam Hai Review: One Night at the World’s Best Spa Hotel

I was first introduced to The Nam Hai by Jeremy Clarkson, who, during a special 2009 episode of Top Gear, found refuge from heavy...
Why You Shouldn’t Ride Elephants In Thailand

Why You Shouldn’t Ride Elephants In Thailand

Just imagine how incredible it would be to sit atop a massive 9 foot tall, 4-ton beast while lumbering your way through deep rivers...
Solo Travel in Thailand- Tips & Tricks

Solo Travel in Thailand: Tips & Tricks

Thailand is the quintessential backpacker destination. Here you can make the first footprints on secluded sands, dance shoeless under a full moon and swim...
Thailand travel guide and tips- 20 things that surprise first-time visitors

Thailand travel guide and tips: 20 things that surprise first-time visitors

We know of its beaches, fiery food and dubious adult entertainment, but first-time visitors to Thailand will find surprises and quirks aplenty to spice...

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