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Fetch: Expense Reports for Small Businesses

Eliminate manual, paper-based expense reporting with Fetch! Perfect for small businesses with remote teams and salespeople.

Fetch makes it easy for growing small businesses, especially those with remote employees and salespeople, to introduce automated, paperless expense management. Technology has advanced, why shouldn’t your expense reporting system come along for the ride?

Enroll with One Click

99% of our users have to roll Fetch out themselves, that’s why we’ve made getting everyone on board crazy simple.

Ridiculously Easy To Use

Our simple, intuitive mobile app and one-click reporting have our customers raving about “how easy Fetch is to use.”

Save Hours Every Week

Save time everywhere by automating expense submissions, reconciliation and payments. View daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly expense reports anytime - complete with receipt images attached!

Award winning with review sites... and users!

Fetch is the easiest, most convenient way for employee expense reporting and to pay employees back for out-of-pocket expenses. Small and medium sized businesses are turning to Fetch because of its incredibly fast setup process and award-winning mobile app that employees love using.

The easiest way to automate expense reports.

Fetch eliminates the need for employees to build expense reports or keep up with pesky paper receipts. As soon as an employee submits an expense, it is batched for approval and then ready to be paid. With Fetch, employees are reimbursed an average of 5 days faster than other competitor’s products.

The thing that sold me with Fetch was just how easy and simple it was to use.


Director of Finance and Development, Hark

We went from 2 employees to over 20 very quickly. Fetch made it easy to instantly onboard our reps and keep my expense reporting down to only a few hours every month. Thank you Fetch!


Financial Controller, 410 medical

With Fetch, I don't really think about my expense reports anymore. It is just so easy to submit my expenses - unbelievable so!


Partnership Advisor, Investors Circle