FAQs – Sellers

How to become BuyingHints.Com‘s Seller?

If you follow our Buyer Protection Rules, you can become our sellers. Our team will review our business’ products/services, and we will make our decision within one week.

Is there any Fees to entrance fee or advertising fee for sellers?

No, it’s totally free. However, to request to place your ads at specific locations on our page, you need to let us know in advanced, it’s also free.For very special conditions such as placing your ads at the header, will be much considered.

Can the sellers write the contents by themselves?

Yes, you can but you need to send to us your contents.Currently, we don’t give the authorization to sellers as authors because we want to keep our contents more reliable to buyers.However, we suggest you to send your contents to us, we will review and consider to publish.

Can we suggest to edit/update the contents written by BuyingHints.Com‘s copywriters?

Yes, you can if we find out our contents are inaccurate. We don’t expect that happen.

Can we send out our newsletter under BuyingHints.Com‘s subscribers?

Yes, you can if requested.If not, we will make our own email marketing contents for your business.Contents as well as time to send out the email will depend on our strategy. However, if you are wondering about what, when will be sent, we can send these reports to you.

Can we give BuyingHints.Com our email marketing content?

We strongly suggest that.You know your business better that us. To save our time and to reach more customer engagements, why not?

Can we promote the products/services unrelated to categories?

No, it’s against our Buyer Protection Rules.Please read them carefully before making a decision to promote your products/services on our page. Off Topics will not get any approvals.

How many subscribers now on BuyingHints.Com?

Currently, we’ve got more than 100,000 subscribers.The numbers of subscribers are keeping changing, we will update this number. If you requested the real number of subscribers from us, please let us know.

FAQs – Buyers

Can we unsubscribe after subscribed?

Of course, you can unsubscribe anytime you want.You welcoming emails as well as any emails that we send to you will have an unsubscribed link attached below.

What Products and Services BuyingHints.Com provide?

These questions you can find at Terms and Conditions:

  • How to become an active subscriber?
  • How to get free gifts and what gifts will be giveaway?
  • How to cooperate with us and earn money?
  • How to become our sellers?

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For other information and questions, please send us an email at [email protected]. Your request will be replied within 24h. Thank You!