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Hello summber savings, top picks design! Flat $4.9! Hello summber savings, top picks design! Flat $4.9!
We lead busy lives. In a single day, we sometimes have to balance work, kids, hobbies, friends, significant others, and errands. Oh and we have to eat, too. Oh and we have to dress ourselves, too.Let’s face it. There are too many things to keep track of throughout a single day. Sometimes, we just need a break.Kelle Hampton spotlights this struggle perfectly in a recent post called “Find Your Vacation.” Kelle transcribes a text conversation with her friends that quickly gets out of hand. No one can agree to plans because each woman leads a busy life.It almost seems there’s no time to break. Ultimately, Kelle declares, in all caps, that everyone should just meet her at the 24-hour truck stop at two in the morning for coffee. It’s humorous, yes, but also possibly their best option.kelle beach 4Shoes pictured above: MALENA in lavender suede, HAVANA in pink, BIMA in porcellena distressed.BORN Jonah : Brown - Mens BORN Jonah : Black - MensWe count on Kelle for funny anecdotes about motherhood and life in general. But we can also count on her for a dose of some real truth.She writes that despite all that life demands, it’s important to spend time with friends:“We women are good at that though–restoring, nurturing and empowering each other in the ways that we listen, support, relate, tell stories, admit vulnerabilities, and encourage with our “Me too”s and “It’s okay”s.How do we keep these friendships strong? It’s less about finding time to be with our friends and more about making time.”Ultimately, Kelle and four friends decided against meeting up at a highway truck stop. Instead, they colluded at the beach, for what Kelle calls a “mini vacation.” The group laughed, told stories, caught up. All the while, they were wearing our shoes.It was an honor to be a part of this mini vacation. What we try to do is craft comfortable shoes that are the best part about your outfit.Of all things there are to consider throughout the day, from outfit to what to have for dinner, shoes should be what you think the least about. Sometimes, you don’t even have the time to debate what to wear.kelle beach 3The Kelle crew wore: DAKAR in gold metallic, BIMA in porcellena distressed, MALENA in pool suede (also pictured below), MALENA in lavender suede, and HAVANA in pink.Even if you can only get away for an hour; even if you only have the morning, afternoon, or evening to yourself, make the most out of that you-time. We encourage you this spring to treat yourselves to a mini vacation.

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Like Kelle and her friends, you can find bliss at the beach. Or you can find it at your favorite coffee shop. You might even find it reading a book, or taking a walk around the park.BORN Allan : Brown - Mens BORN Allan : Black - Mens BORN Allan : Beige/Tan - Mens Related Born Shoes Reviews: kelle beach 5Now that we’ve heard from Kelle, we’d like to ask you: Where will you go this spring to find your mini vacation?

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