Photorealistic-Pencil-and-Ballpoint-pen-drawings-The Types of Specialized Pen Drawings of the Artist
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Come to the specialized pen drawings of the artist, then you will think of a pencil, right? That’s absolutely right because the pencil is the first item is the most important item for the artist.

However, many artists are not satisfied with the picture drawn by a pencil, they wanted to create something strange, more unique. So many artists use ballpoint pens to painting appeared and quickly became a phenomenon caused the attention of many.

Ballpoint pen drawings

Actually, in the art world has a form mentioning painting is painting with “iron pen. Iron pen here is understood as the type of pen head metal pen sketch, pen, ballpoint pen

But to draw and draw well with this kind of pen, the artist takes a lot of effort is accompanied by is meticulous.

Other with pencils, ballpoint pens used painting more difficult, as it should be mandatory indelible artist need to practice skills of comparison, estimates, polished.

Polishing is the most difficult stage of the painting by the ballpoint specialized in drawing because the nature of ball pen lines clear, uniform and dark.

If not careful painting prone to strong contrast between the ink and white paper, losing the softness of the lines that you intend to present.

cute-boy-ballpoint-pen-drawings-Ballpoint pen drawings

Artists use any type ballpoint pens to draw pictures.

If you are a beginner learning or learning by ballpoint pen drawing, you do not worry when they see the phrase “ballpoint pen specialized in drawing“.

Because specialized pencil drawing like, it depends on each person’s preferences.

There is no specific regulation regarding mandatorily to use the pen to draw. Just select the type of pen that makes it easy to show your paintings.

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What’s Next?

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