First Lesson to Practice Mindfulness- Storytelling
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As a sixteen year old, my teacher taught me to close the door with one hundred percent attention. One day he sent me to do one thing. I rushed, rushed out and closed the door in a hurry. He called to me, “Hey baby, come here.

I returned, standing around my waist. My teacher said, “I came out and closed the door to see it properly.” That was my first lesson in mindfulness practice. Then I came out in mindfulness, step by step consciousness, grabbed the door in mindfulness, and opened the door in mindfulness.

Since then, my teacher no longer has to teach me how to close the door a second time.

When holding a baby’s hand, let’s put one hundred percent into your hand. When holding the same in the arms. Be really present, really awake.

This is in contrast to our previous life and work. We used to have the habit of doing many things at the same time. Just answer the e-mail just say the phone. While we are meeting on this project, we write down the notes for another project.

Modern technology promises to help us do many things at the same time. Now, with just one small machine we can send e-mail, listen to music, phone, and take pictures. What is the energy that is dispersed?

Instead of doing many things at the same time, one has to do the habit of doing just one thing at a time. Mindfulness needs to be practiced. I’m very smart and understand right now, but that does not mean I can do it right away. You have to practice and train yourself every day.

First of all, practice mindfulness to see oneself, then pay attention to your family because the family is the home. Can not just care about the career that neglected the family. Maybe our family is suffering, afraid or worried.

Mindfulness helps identify suffering and transforms them. You can tell your husband, “I know you are suffering. I’m here for you. Let us embrace that suffering and transform it. “You say the same to your wife:” I know that you are suffering. I’m here for you. 

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Let us embrace that pain and transform it. “Mindfulness is the ability to be present one hundred percent. When we love, the most precious gift we give is the true gift of our being. I can not afford the gift of joy and transformation of suffering.

Then mindfulness will help us understand the situation at work. In any position, a director with hundreds of employees or a worker working alone, with mindfulness, can all contemplate and recognize the strengths or difficulties and sufferings in the company.

I will recognize the pain, the fear of colleagues or employees and say: “I am present for you, for me. I know that you are suffering. We will together embrace and transform that suffering. We will find ways to deal with our suffering.

This practice is like practicing for yourself or for your family. The energy of mindfulness and the ability to look deeply will help us find the wisdom to transform and heal.

Mindfulness is the ability to be one hundred percent. The energy of mindfulness helps us to recognize what is around us. “What” may be ourselves, maybe our loved one.

Without being able to return to the present moment, now and here, it is impossible to identify ourselves, to recognize our happiness and our suffering. Being unable to be true does not make it clear to others and makes them feel neglected, misunderstood or hated. Then they will suffer and from that you will suffer.

If you do not have mindfulness, you can not help yourself or help others, not succeed in your work. If there is no righteous thought, any power in the hand is only temporary and does not bring ultimate fulfillment.

Mindfulness is very specific. When we pay attention to the breath, we have mindfulness. Breathing in, we pay attention to the breath from the beginning to the end and silently “in”.

Exhale, we pay attention to the breath out from the beginning to the end and say “out”. With that simple act, our body and mind are united and we will be present.

Mindfulness can also be present in one step. Whenever you walk, invest one hundred percent on every step and remember to mix footsteps and breaths spontaneously. Notice how you step in each breath, step by step in each breath.

For extra help, we can say “in”, “out” when stepping. For example, when breathing in three steps, whisper “in, in,”. When exhaling step four steps whisper “out, out, out”. If practiced indoors can slow down, every breath one step at a time, every breath out one step.

If you practice outdoors, depending on whether your breath is long or short, you can step two, three, or four steps in each breath. Do not try to force or change your breathing because doing so will make you tired.

Just focus on the footsteps and breath. This practice is very simple but extremely effective. Thanks to mindfulness, the mindful breath that we can return to ourselves, is actually present and awake.

To understand mindfulness on the physical level. To return to the body, we must first cultivate mindfulness with conscious breathing and conscious walking, and then recognize that our bodies are here and that we gently embrace our bodies.

Mindfulness. “My body, I know you are there and I will take care of you.” Our body becomes our beloved object.

If you do not know how to care, do not know how to relax the body, not allowing the body a chance to rest is that we did not love his body.

We know that our body is capable of healing the wound. When we cut our hands, we know that we just need to clean our wounds and that our bodies will take care of themselves.

We may panic if we forget that our body is capable of self-treatment. Just have the opportunity to rest is the body can heal without much medicine.

When an animal is seriously injured, it knows what to do. He found a quiet place, lying quietly, resting completely for a few days, not eating anything. It is very wise. Only when the wound healed it was new hunting.

At times, we also have that insight, but we have lost the ability to rest. When I started to feel uncomfortable, I panicked and ran to the doctor asking for all the medicines, just because I did not know that giving the body a break was the best treatment.

Mindful-Bias-First Lesson to Practice Mindfulness- Storytelling

Many people complain that they do not have time for summer vacation. Others can arrange to go on holiday, but do not know how to rest. The holiday season is full and after the holiday they get tired.

We must learn to let go of the whole body. In the lying position, we notice and let go of each part of the body, starting from the top and going down to the bottom of the foot. “Breathing in, I’m aware of my whole body.

Exhaling, I let go of my whole body. Breathe in my consciousness my eyes. Exhale me with my two eyes. “Go on like that with every part of your body. Instead of X-rays, we “light” our body with the mind. Referring to a part or part of the body that is sick, we stop for longer, use the energy of mindfulness to hold and smile on that body part or body, doing so will recover faster.

I practice myself every day or with family members, once familiar, I can lead a practice of relaxation meditation to friends or family. You can also encourage others in the family to give you such a letter. Children are very likely to teach others in this practice.

Once you have the ability to hold your body and release stress, help the body recover, you can return to yourself, with feelings and minds. Each of us has experience of pleasant feelings or unpleasant feelings.

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One of the functions of mindfulness practice is to take care of feelings of suffering. Often we do not want to face suffering because we do not know how to take care of suffering. We often think that if the mind is strong enough, we will no longer feel pain, then we seek to cover suffering.

Instead of “changing pegs” and inviting positive seeds from the consciousness, we run away from unpleasant sensations by consuming mindfulness. I turn on the TV, or open a book, or pick up the phone, or do something to cover the pain, suffering, fear, despair is over.

The best way is to return to self. Use the energy of mindfulness to identify and embrace the pain in us, as a mother embraces her child. Mindfulness is the mother, suffering, sadness, despair is the child.

There is no dispute between mother and child. The energy of mindfulness will identify, embrace and relieve the pain. When he heard the baby cry, the mother immediately let go of all the work, ran to hug baby in the lap.

You may not know the reason for your baby crying, but just hold your baby in your arms with all the sweetness, love is enough to stop crying.

Likewise, we may not know the reason for our suffering, sorrow, despair, but if we embrace that suffering with mindfulness of mind, we immediately feel our minds calm down, Emotionally, the energy of mindfulness has merged into the energy of suffering.

Imagine a flower in the early sun. Flowers are not hatched but sunshine is embracing flowers, solar energy is permeating flowers. The sun not only shines around the flower. Sun rays penetrate the flowers naturally and an hour after flowers will blossom. Mindfulness is the sun embracing the feeling of flowers.

If you let go, do not take care of fear, anger, and despair, these negative emotions will turn into destructive power. If you are aware of mindfulness, then mindfulness will identify and embrace those feelings of suffering.

Practicing breathing and mindfulness footing not only nourish, moisten body and mind but also help identify and embrace suffering. Instead of using energy to suppress suffering, use that energy to preserve the body. Suffering will sustain us.

If you are sitting in mindfulness (sitting meditation), walking in mindfulness (meditation), the power of mindfulness is multiplied by the contribution of energy practice from people. “Invite me to come here to meditate with me, meditate on me. I need you / have you by my side.

Listen, the wound will come, will sit together, go with me. Energy coordination, we will be able to embrace suffering.

The more you practice, the more energy. Collective mindfulness helps the practice of hugging suffering much easier. So in a community where people practice together, the more fun, the greater the effect, and the more energetic.

The collective energy that surrounds us will grow stronger and be nourished.

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