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After taking a serious looking at different opinions about using traffic exchanges and what is the causes-and-effects of the differences. One of the top article that most people discuss about is Why You Shouldn’t Use Traffic Exchange Sites? gives us a clear argument.

However, on the comments or ideas from other sites, some against this idea and some support it. I will try to make it clear for you guys and hope to give you another point of view in the use of traffic exchanges to increase rankings.

First of all, lets make it clear in the arguments.

What do we worry about Traffic Exchanges?

1. Bound Rates

Bound Rates show us the engagement level of visitors on your website. In particular, Bound Rate bases on the click-thought-page tracking.For example, Google Analytics will track the IP address of one visitor and his/her actions on your site by session duration and number of clicks.I visit you page A for five minutes then I click on your page B by the linked link from Page A.
  1. High Bound Rates. Visitor leaves your first page without clicking to another page in your site. (Low Engagement)
  2. Low Bound Rates. Visitor continues click-through-page after visiting first page. They continue to visit second page, third page, etc.
  • Myth: High Bound Rates are bad for SEO and Rankings.
  • Truth: It depends.
It depends on the purpose that you define on every page.

High Bound Rate is Bad if…

For instance, you have the landing page (the main page will lead visitors to another pages as product pages, service pages, etc.). So, we don’t expect to see the high bound rate on Landing Page.Why? Our purpose is to lead visitors to become buyers. And, we expect they to take the second page to our product/service page and do purchasing.

If after visiting your landing page, they leave immediately without any click-through-page, it will hurt your Sale and Ranking. Google will take note that visitors are not interesting in your products and services.

High Bound Rate is perfectly Good if…

For instance, you have one-click payment product page. And, this page will link to PayPal Payment Gateway. It will be 100% fine if they make a purchase and then leave your site to PayPal. Your Bound Rate in this case is high, but it’s fine. Your SEO Ranking and Sales are increasing.

Another example is informative page. This article you are reading is an informative page. After you get the idea from this page, most of you will leave this site. So, it’s fine because BuyingHints.Com doesn’t make any purposes lead you to another page.

The second thing that makes us worry about Traffic Exchange is…

Traffic Exchanges will increase Bound Rate?

Yes and No

Yes? Some of the traffic exchange sites will give you the direct search and most of visitors don’t expect to see what happens in your site, they just want to increase their credits.

No? Some traffic exchange sites can control the duration sessions and click-through-page.

I will not specify any traffic exchange sites because of authorizations and perspectives of use.

2. Sources – Top Referrals/Direct Search

Backlinks can give you a direct search. In particular, I got one backlink from Economic.com, once you visit Economic.com and link to my site. On Google Analytics will should that I got one Top Referral from Economic.com, and it’s direct search.

  • Myth: Too many direct searches are bad
  • Truth: It depends on what Source
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 If Direct Search is bad, it will not become one of the three dimensions for Google Ranking (other two are Organic and Social). Quality Backlinks will come from the Qualify Sources.

While most of the traffic exchange sites will show the source from their sites, they are low quality for Referrals.

Why? Google will know that many people get the source from traffic exchange sites to boost their rankings. So, these sources are normally marked as low quality.

Show up the Referral from Traffic Exchange site is bad?

Yes, it’s. But, some of the traffic exchange sites can actually hide the sources and give you a clear direct search.

The third thing that people are worry about traffic exchange site is…

3. Session Durations

Session Duration is the period of time that visitor stays with your site.

Bad traffic exchange sites will give you only 6-10 seconds of visiting. It will seriously damage you reputation and Google will mark your site as not interesting. So, Be Careful!

4. Google Adsense

Google Adsense doesn’t give specific clarification about the Traffic Exchange Site in term of Policy Violation. However, they mention as “Don’t Recommend”.

Why? Because not all of the traffic exchange sites are bad. But traffic bots are bad, and never never never use them with Google Adsense. 

Google Adsense pays you on Impression levels and Number of Clicks on their Ads, while traffic bots can generate clicks and impressions. They will terminate your account if clarified. 

Use Traffic Exchanges with Understandings

You can use Traffic Exchange Sites Only If…

1. Increase/Decrease Bound Rates on Specific Pages

As I discussed above, Bound Rates are not always bad if you understand about their purposes.

You can use Traffic Exchange Rates to increase Bound Rates the products/services and it’s absolutely fine.

Never boost bound rates on landing page or similar pages, it will damage your ranking on Google and the reputation of your website.

Some traffic exchange sites (free/paid) even provide you some techniques to reduce bound rates. I don’t recommend any specific sites but you can easily find them from their description.

Finally, understand every page’s purpose is much important than decrease/increase bound rates.

Most of the websites or blogs that I have seen always mention that bound rates are bad. But, I can confirm to you that they are WRONG, bound rates are not bad, it can be increased or decreased depending on your purpose.

2. Be careful about Referrals

Referrals come from Traffic Exchange Sites are bad. However, some of the advanced traffic exchange sites can give you the “hide referral” option, which means direct search from IP address. It will not damage your reputation and ranking.

For example, if you want to access Facebook, you just go to the address bar on your browser and type facebook.com. You rarely search Facebook keyword on Google and click on Facebook from Google Link.

And, so many well-known websites, you can remember exactly their domain, you just type it in address bar. It’s same as you hide referral from traffic exchange.

If the traffic exchange sites don’t have that option for you, and when you examine on you Google Analytics, it shows exactly the source from that site, NEVER USE IT.

3. Setting Long and Random Session Durations

Long duration should be over 1 minutes.Random duration should be never same duration as every visitor.

For example, visitor A visits your page with 1 minute, visitor B should visit your page 1 and a half minute. Or, the duration for one visitor, visitor A visits page A for 1 minute and should visit page B for one and a half minutes.

NEVER. You should never choose the free traffic exchange sites without any session durations setting. Or, worse than that, the sites are with lower 1 minutes of visiting. Google will mark your page as low session level and not interesting to visitors.

If the session is not random, Google may confirm that you are using traffic bots.


Traffic exchanges have downsides and upsides themselves. Understanding your purposes before using them are much important. Never be blind and walk on road, You will get hit.

Again, you are absolutely 100% can use traffic exchange sites to increase you Rankings and Sales while many people said you should not.

Bound Rates as long as we understand they are bad for Rankings, but actually its’t not. It depends on your page’s characteristics itself.


I hope this article will give you another perspective about traffic exchange sites and the use of them. For those who are wondering whether you should use traffic exchange to increase your rankings, now you got you answer.

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I wish you see your experiences as well as your ideas about traffic exchange sites as the comment box below. We can discuss more about it.

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