7 Reasons why you should choose Pen as a Gift
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There are a lot of reasons for choosing a pen as a gift. Here are the seven most common and most appropriate reasons for one of the meaningful gifts ever.

1. Most people do not have a fountain pen

Today, most people do not have a fountain pen, except for those who have to sign or do the writing. Fountain pen gift at this time will be a gift both meaningful and practical.

Even if the recipient does not use them, at least one fountain pen will make them look wiser and more polished.

2. You can always choose the pen that matches the recipient

There are many types of fountain pens and each one is designed with one purpose, superficially suited to different groups of people.

So you can always find the pen that matches the recipient, such as a stylus pen for 1st grade students, to a director’s pen, or a pen for carpenters, painters, etc.

3. A pen creates the desire to write

Regardless of who you are, holding a fountain pen in your hand, you will definitely want to write something.

So when sending someone a pen, remember to send something that they can write on it like a notebook, a book or a card. Surely they will enjoy the experience with a genuine pen you give.

4. You can get letters from them

pen letter - 7 Reasons why you should choose Pen as a Gift

You have far away friends or long distance friends. Give them a fountain pen, a stationery and a letter, no one can be sure of.

Having a relationship through letters will be a very different experience than a phone and a computer, and a letter a month will give you a more intimate and warm feeling than a phone call every week.

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5. Practice perfect writing skills

In today’s technology era, you can type beautiful and simple text through your computer, but beautiful handwriting is never out of date.

A beautiful signature, the flying words on the card or a letter with the words will make the reader more sympathetic to you.

6. Writing is good for your health

Having a quiet place, turning on your favorite song and writing something will be a way of relieving stress, elevating the spirit, reducing the pressure of busy life, busy today.

Enjoy the relaxing moments with your favorite pen.

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7. Inspire creativity

Not only you can write but you can also draw with your fountain pen.

Paintings with ink pens will be an interesting, unique way of expressing life around you.

Bring a fountain pen and a notebook and explore a corner of the house or a familiar spot in a new and more artistic perspective.

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