6 Golden Rules- How to choose the best watches for men
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The watch is one of the classic accessories, contributing important to create a perfect look for men. So be careful about choosing the vest watches for men (both in size and style).

The balance and harmony of the face, the size of the cord or the material of the watch are one of the main factors that make up the whole.

If one of these factors is not appropriate, such as too loose or too tight a metal wire, you probably do not feel comfortable and lack of confidence.

It all sounds difficult, but today BuyingHints.Com will guide you a few tips to easily choose the watches you like.

1. The wrist size is the first note

Wrist measurement is one of the first information you need to care about. Do not worry too much, because each size of wrist, small or medium size will find a suitable watch.

Gripping the parameter, first it help you zigzag style and appropriate clock samples before trying.

Once you understand your own site, it’s easy to pick the perfect watch whether you shop local or shop online.

For example, if your wrist is thin and flat, the slimline watch with fine details, the delicate metal material will be the “tailor-made” accessory for you. Meanwhile, the thick and strong wrist size will be a great companion with a dynamic, modern sports watch.

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How to accurate Wrist measure?

– The wrist measurement for the watch will be the size at the ankle. It may sound unreasonable, and you may wonder,

The usual watch-worn position is always about 1-2cm below the ankle, so if you take a measurement at the ankle How accurate? 
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The key is that we do not wear a tight fit, which should be slightly extended to give a good feel, so the extra measure will be a comfortable movement for the owner.

– If you do not have a tape measure, using a strip of paper (or string) wrapped around your wrist and measuring on the ruler is a quick solution, that is accurate.

– End of measurement, if your wrist 14-16cm, will be classified as thin. 17cm-18cm is medium wrist and over 18cm is classified into thick wrist.

How to accurate Wrist measure-6 Golden Rules-How to choose the best watches for men

Once you’ve mastered the wrist measurement, your next step is to choose the size of the face, the thickness of the cord, the watch material and the details.

2. Diameter of the watch’s face

Face size is always the first attention factor of a watch.

In general, the diameter of the men’s watch usually ranges from 38mm to 46mm.

So, if you want to pick yourself a clock size out of range, be careful because it’s so easy to look too big or too small for the owner.

More specifically, wrist size will implicitly lead to the corresponding size of the watch face. If your wrist is between 14cm – 18cm, choose a small or medium size (38mm, 40mm or 42mm diameter). If your wrist is 18cm or more, do not be afraid to choose the bigger, 44-46mm.

Diameter of the watch's face-6 Golden Rules-How to choose the best watches for men

3. What is the thickness of the face?

Breitling Superocean II 42 A17365C9/BD67-728P

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After the diameter, the thickness of the watch is the next important thing you should consider.

There is a simple principle that the parameters of this pair are proportional.

That is, when the diameter increases, the thickness will also increase, just as you zoom or shrink a cake.

Typically, watches with a diameter of 38mm to 42mm will have a thickness of 7mm.

And the group of faces from 44mm or more will be 9mm thick or more (of course, the final amplitude should not be more than 10mm because the above index will make the watch become rough and oversized with the hands of the wearer) .

Breitling Colt Chronograph Automatic A1338811/C914-200S

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4. Do not forget to pay attention to the wire width

In the classic timepieces of men, there is almost an “unwritten rule” that the wire width is equal to the face radius, because this is said to be the most beautiful and harmonious ratio in the design.

Of course, this is not necessarily immutable, but this basic principle will be a great aid when you do not have too much time to consider changing the magnitude of one of these two.

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5. Material is a very important factor

Keep in mind, the material and wire width are equally important.

This is closely related to the weight of the material.

For example, the metal looks heavier than the skin, so the small wrist will match the leather strap.

However, if you own a small wrist and still love the metal, you can completely choose the type of metal wire to create a sense of elegance, reminiscent of subtle Milan of.

Breitling Chronomat 41 CB014012/G713-378C

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6. Details of caste decision


The value and luxury of a men’s watch is always measured by the sophistication of the detail. Expensive presses such as accessories, company logos, exposed parts or adjustable knobs all contribute to the appeal of a men’s watch.

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Taking the Back off the Watch

A little note to the man who owns the small wrist, avoid choosing the watches are too complex or knob, making them feel bulky compared to your arms.

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What’s Next?

After a comprehensive review of the dimensions of the wrist, the size and thickness of the face, the size and material of the cord, the details of the decor, you are ready to choose a suitable watch.

It is advisable for you not only for your personal taste, but for your style as well. Instead, a little heart and respect for the principles will always be the key to men becoming more sophisticated, more polished and more responsible.

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