Old-and-new-Nobody uses pen anymore, is it true?
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The future of pen becomes questionable topic, but hasn’t have a fully discussion. Living in the Digital Age, conflict has been occurred between old and new. is it right to accept that nobody uses pen anymore. In this article, we will try to reveal the truth about pen and its meaning.

What is Digital Age?

Digital Age, or Information Age, as a revolution of development. In particular, in the past, people who are the land owners could have the power.

Then, the revolution of Industrial Age, the rise of machine, fighting for human-rights. This is also the Dream Time of Pen.

Now, the revolution of Technology, IoT, the lead of information. We simply call it the Information Age, or Digital Age.

What is the conflict between old and new?

Actually, this is the huge problem occurring around the world, especially in China when the population used to be a big advantage, but not now. Population becomes the heavy duty for economy.

However, we will discuss about that in another topic. Lets come back to our pen.

Old-and-new-Nobody uses pen anymore, is it true?

Why nobody uses pen anymore? Will it become true?

This question becomes popular when something called electronic signature appeared, and people realize that using pen as an authoritative process to human identification in Banking System is irrelevant, waste of time and unreliable.

Therefore, it says that nobody uses pen anymore, at least in identification process.

However, to truly estimate about the existence of pen, we should look at different perspectives.

First, in information security and identification, we may use electric signature.

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But, why you still feel that people never give up on pen? Even from research, found that using pen in identification is a waste of time. The reason is just because of psychology.

People never trust 100% in technology, even they can show you a perfect point of security. Sign your contract by pen makes people feel you are sill there to do something about it, in their feeling. They are smart enough to understand it’s redundant process, but at least we feel much better than electronic signature. Right?

Another perspective, you look more reliable and professional with a pen. Why in the meetings or events, they require employees to use pen and take note.

Do they know that using tablet with voice recorder can save much of their time?

They are smart enough to know that. However, the engagement of a meeting depends on how much to pay attention on what being. 

For example, we both know that taking an online class is much convenient or reading ebooks is much faster and easier.

Yes! we all know that, but in psychology way, on another perspective, the engagement level is different.

And, I though it’s true. To right down everything, you will remember as your way. You type everything in your tablet, you make you AI do auto correction.

To make it clear, the convenience and engagement are conflict each other.

Reveal the Truth about Pen

Nobody uses pen anymore, is it right? No, it’s wrong because pen drives engagement. And, we encourage to use pen, especially in young age. Do you agree with me?

Hold on! I don’t mean that typing is bad. It’s convenient and useful in most of the case.

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The Impact of Pen and Touch Technology on Education

However, if you are a professor, and your student makes mistake. Do you accept an apology by sending a message on WhatsApp.

Maybe! How about writing an apologize letter? Which one makes you feel better?

book-and-pen-Nobody uses pen anymore, is it true?

And now, you can give me the answer Yes or No for the future of Pen as comment below.

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I’m sure that your beloved one will be happy. Tell me what you think about the the future of pen?

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