Most of remote employees suffers from a delay in reimbursing
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The engagement between company and employees builds on trust and fast solving problems. While one of the most significant problems is a delay in reimbursing. Again, delay in reimbursing can hurt the relationship in the long run of your business day by day.

First of all, what is a Remote Worker or Remote Employee?

A Remote worker is a kind of employee that often works outside the office of a company.

They mostly go out to meat customer and make the deal to terminate company’s contracts.

For example, a sale representative at real estate company usually make appointments to potential clients to review condos or houses.

To terminate to final contracts, the process may take weeks, even months.

Secondly, What is a Remote Employee Expenses?

The amount of money that a remote worker has to pay as occurring cost during the time of working outside.

It includes hotel cost, traveling cost, transportation cost, food costs, etc. Most of the expenses will be returned by company, How and When, depend on each company reimbursement policy.

But, What is Reimbursement policy?

A policy defines what kinds of expenses will be returned, when and how. Most of the company will return the money back to remote worker by the end of the month or in year taxes.

So, what causes a delay in reimbursing and why that delaying suffers remote workers, even endanger your company inside-relationship?

There are three main reasons that cause a delay in reimbursing

  • Employee may not submit the receipts on time or forgot to take the receipts.
  • And, it’s against the reimbursement company policy.
  • Finally, the financial department may not process on time on your expenses.

Delaying in reimbursing suffers because various reasons:

  • Simply that most of the employees don’t have much money to spend on their own.
  • We can’t wait too long until the money back because we need to expense money on other things else.
  • It’s hurt the remote workers’ feeling. You help the company to earn profits, then you just need your money back. They delay and then give you the notification that some of our expenses are against the reimbursement policy.
  • Last reason, most of remote employees forgot to take the receipt or even report it. It’s a waste of time and headache process.

So, How can we solve the problems and build up again the engagement between remote employees and company?

employee-wellbeing-Most of remote employees suffers from a delay in reimbursing

Simple, We need a smart expense report.

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Imagine, their is a dream application on remote workers’ phone, and all they need to do is take a photo of what they expenses, the data will go directly to accountants and notifications to the managers.

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Employees got their pay on time, company has no more suffering with their reimbursement policy, and finally the financial apartments just done their jobs automatically.

Where to get such a smart expense report?

Tips: Smart Expense Reports from Fetch is not a dream, it’s a true application that’s available on Android and iOS.

They are offering 14 days free trial. So, take it to you company and see make your remote employees happy.

You can try others as smart expense report, but we strongly suggest to go with Fetch.

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Fetch is the easiest, most convenient way for employee expense reporting and to pay employees back for out-of-pocket expenses.

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dashboard screen - Expense Report - Fetch Expense Reporting

A Smart Application as Fetch that is available on your phone will be the best solution, just only on fingertip at your receipt, all of the information will be collected, analyzed and reported.

dashboard screen - Expense Report - Fetch Expense Reporting

Simple and Effective.

Expense Report - Fetch Expense Reporting

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